Many of our team have been effected by breast cancer in one way or another and therefore pulling a team together was fairly easy. At BlueVenn our technology connects marketers with customers to deliver very personalized customer journeys. We felt we could adapt this to connect medical teams with breast cancer patients to deliver more personalized aftercare and better wellbeing - all through the application of our smartwatch app.

What it does

Using biometric data from the watch (blood/oxygen, steps, sleep, pulse etc) and patient inputs, Eve sends data to the BlueVenn customer journey platform to connect patients with their aftercare team enabling a personalised and informed recovery journey across email, mobile (and the watch itself). By linking the app data back to our own software, it enables medical teams to group patients into high/low risk, or by any data point that informs a personalised aftercare journey, and trigger communications, advice and reminders (e.g. notifications, checklists, appointments, or even a two-way dialogue between patient and doctor.) The app data also enables medical teams to monitor patient trends for fluctuations in mood, activity and wellbeing.

How I built it

The smartwatch app has been built in the Garmin technology, over others, due to the richer data that it collects. The data is then collected in an AWS queue and then our BlueVenn customer Journey software brings that data into our software to plan the patient journeys, notifications and triggers.

Challenges I ran into

Time has been a huge challenge of course, but also trying to do a lot of it remotely has been very difficult. Our team is part BlueVenn and part ELC and therefore collaborating across companies, across teams and via screen share was the main challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud to produce a piece of technology in 2 weeks that works! It needs additional work to the UI but right now the watch app monitors all the biometric data, sends this to the BlueVenn customer journey software and then enables a journey to be created that can then send alerts back to the watch, but also email, mobile and SMS alerts to medical teams and the owner of the watch, creating a real-time, 2-way interaction that just doesn't exist today. The potential is huge and so we're proud now, but would be immensely proud if we were able to continue this work and see it in the world. If we can help one person that would be amazing!

What I learned

I, and the team, have learned an un-quantifiable amount of knowledge about breast cancer, breast cancer awareness and indeed the problems that patients (and the medical teams) encounter. Having spoken with cancer medical professionals and Breast Cancer NOW a common theme was that mental wellbeing was somewhat of an after-thought to the physical treatment.

What's next for Eve - the breast cancer support smartwatch app

From here we hope that the app can be funded to bring some of the more conceptual features to life and therefore help to better the wellbeing of breast cancer patients around the world. The app is transferable to Android, Apple and other technologies, with many now affordable (under $20-$30) so we see a world where the app, watch and tailored aftercare can be offered to as many patients as possible around the world.

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posted an update

Yesterday, at the ELC Virtual Hackathon awards ceremony, we won 1st place overall for our Eve smartwatch hackathon project. We couldn't be more proud. We're now looking forward to spending some time with the ELC IT leadership team, and the Amazon AWS experts to discuss how we take this inspiring project forward to make positive changes in the wellbeing and aftercare of breast cancer patients. Watch this space for updates and improvements...

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