The unique tie between college students

College students and millenials communicate through social medias. The era of direct text and simple blog post is not longer existed. Through the past decades, Facebook defined our way of social activities, our personal daily status. Instagram transformed the way we share images and Snapchat further pushed the definition of texting and online marketing. We found that there is only thing left out in this revolution of social media replacing the simple calling and messaging, events. Events are unique ties between humans. As social animals, we tend to interact with people in social occassions. On the other hand, the natural drive to meet people and explore things are largely limited by the lack of information of the events surrounding us. What if there is a way to let events come to you, instead of passively found by accident.

What it does

Facebook offers a great way of events posting. Our generation uses Facebook for everything related to socializing. It is almost a habit for people to post events on Facebook, especially for student groups. However, Facebook was not meant to be just for events. Thats's what we call the noises. In order to find your perfect entertainment/sports/academic/recruiting events, we have to dig through everything on Facebook to find the event we really need. The cost of trying to find a event greatly outweighs the surprise we find a great event by our newsfeed. We want to create a curated environment, just for event, using the Facebook way. We help the events to find where they belong, where we wish to find them, the public pages and groups we follow.

How we built it

By using Facebook Graph API, we are able to GET all public page and group information from a user. Starting from there, we parse all the events from those pages and store them locally in the App. We didn't stop here. By complementing the Facebook events with UCLA Career Center and UCLA Happenings (UCLA campus events calendar), we wish to provide a inclusive events experience for our users.

Challenges we ran into

The Facebook Graphi API is really outdated and we were able to implement that part. Parsing HTML is also a massive task. Every website was built differently so we have to custimize our parser code for each website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Seamless UI/UX that pleases you like a breeze. Well-crafted in all design aspects, we are proud to see how powerful design can transfrom the user experience. Highly flexible parser code. We were able to parse every website to our local iOS App.

What's next for Eve

Facebook implementation and more web events

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