Team 3 (Team members)

Nour Ataya Edward Danescu Kossai sbai Jeff jiang


We have created a chat bot called Eve that deals with the personal and social aspects of the user, building a relationship with them and helping them through everyday life. Personal aspects include a variety of things from moods to weather and social aspects include functionalities such as event searching and booking.

Our main aim in the future is to further improve what we have already implement, therefore providing the user with a bot that deals more critical features within their life, diving into aspects such as mental health, dietary requirements and exercise. we also want to give the user a ‘easy access’ to planning social events and get togethers with friends, this includes table and venue bookings.

Tools used

  • Xcode IDE
  • Swift language
  • DialogFlow (AI API)
  • Cocoapods dependency manager

Built With

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