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Think you have what it takes to beat Evasion? Sync your phones to the Evasion server to outfox your friends in an all-out multiplayer BATTLE - ROYALE! In a style reminiscent of the popular maze game Labyrinth, play as the EVADER to outmaneuver your adversaries as they navigate through the maze, or take upon the role of the CHASER and work together to nab the elusive EVADERS before time runs out.


Sync phones to the server to start the game! The CHASERS are placed near the center. Everyone else will assume the role of EVADERS. The goal of the EVADER is to evade capture of all enemies with last-man standing, while the goal of the CATCHERS is to capture the EVADERS. When the CHASERS reach a EVADER, the EVADER turns into one of the CHASERS until there is only one EVADER left. Players move around by tilting their phones in the direction they want to move. Aiding the EVADERS will be several hidden passageways through walls that only EVADERS can traverse.


Evasion should not be copied, edited, or distributed without explicit written permission from the creators. Ages 8+. Relevant Hashtags include #familyfriendly, #funforall, #learningJS, and #bestgame2018_october_20


1.1 Bug fixes, new way of organizing the board and display
1.2 Smooth movement implemented over discrete steps
1.3 Fixed function valid, Colors added to players
1.4 Optimized function valid with corners and hidden walls; impaled glitch fixed
1.5 Infection-style for chasers
1.6 Last-man-standing determined winner, collisions and starting positions optimized


This game is subject to updates that include bug fixes along with new content and features. We hope to utilize more diverse libraries to create smoother and more vibrant graphics for the game as well as potentially implementing a 3D feel to the game.

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