There is a huge shortage in the supply chain for PPE. Since the virus initially struck had a lot of intense but disjointed efforts. Hospitals and frontline workers don´t know where to request more PPE and local manufacturers have enough capabilities to supply those needs but they don´t have direct communication with Hospitals and frontline workers.

What it does

Matchmaking platform to supply needs for Hospitals and frontline workers as soon as possible enabling a better alignment mapping local industry to determine real-time manufacturing capabilities EVAM platform will assume a leadership position to marshal tremendous unified activity around to supply certified PPE

How I built it

This application is built based on Gentelella Open Sourced Dashboard. It is an admin panel website built using JQuery and Bootstrap with MongoDB and Python as backend. We use owncloud to distribute the repository of files.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

EVAM helps in reducing the supply chain shortage of certified PPE, allowing manufacturers to access an online repository of validated parts and enabling Hospitals and frontline workers request PPE easier and faster

What's next for EVAM

The platform at the moment is in Spanish and English, part of our current roadmap to extend our reach, is to translate into more languages so other manufacturers and hospitals can use it around the globe. We will be adding features like push notifications, coordinating parts in the repository, and a certification process.

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