We see on the news how a sizeable number of people and states want to re-open their states. Specifically, Georgia made headlines as one of the first states to reopen their state for non-essential businesses. As such we wanted to analyze the COVID-19 data of Georgia, its counties, and the Southeast region. We use Wolfram for forecasting and visualization. Learning a new language is difficult. However, Wolfram advantage is no need for imports and much of the technical parts of data analytics are abstracted away.

Our findings are as follows: We seen how 6 counties are responsible for almost half of the cases in Georgia. These counties suggest that as Georgia re-opens, state and local governments should carefully consider whether to ease up on previous protective measures. These counties can undo most of the good that the quarantine has done.

We also see that, if recent growth continue, there will be about 18,000 new cases in Georgia and 55,000 new cases in the entire region. The forecasts are based on most current data. However, if Georgia reopens, the trend could accelerate not only for its own state, but its neighboring states within the regions as well.

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