Customers’ opinions on customer service-oriented businesses are largely dependent on their experiences with individual employees, yet traditional methods of online or in-store surveys often lack emphasis on these experiences with specific employees. In fact, there is no effective way for businesses to gather this type of feedback.

Eval provides customers a simple mean to provide immediate feedback on their experience with an employee. All a customer needs to do is send a single text with the employees name and their comment, and Eval stores and visualizes the data.

Companies can use our analytics platform to gather information about customer feedback on employees. Each company has it’s own unique id, and every customer text sent to Eval will be filtered for the ids. Companies can then gain insight on customer experience via the positive or negative sentiment scores found through the texts.

Texts are pushed directly to our server, where we parse the text before saving them to MongoDB. We run the feedback through a sentiment analysis tool to quantify satisfaction levels, which makes the data easier to consume and visualize. Users can then navigate to individual employees and view the comments directed towards them to get a better understanding of customer’s experiences with them.

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