This is a game concept I thought up during a French lesson a while back and it's fantastic to finally see it come to life especially considering that at the start of last year I had no knowledge whatsoever in programming. This game has been extremely fun to develop and I hope you like it :D

What it does

Tilt your phone to dodge incoming rocks and 'evade' the evil red enemies that chase you round relentlessly! You can collect powerups throughout the game to help you on your increasingly difficult journey! A big unique feature of the game is the shatter effect that occurs on collision - check it out!

How I built it

A combination of C#, Unity, and CInema4D to create 3D assets.

Challenges I ran into

Efficiently shattering the player object without exhausting the CPU. Ended up batching to save energy. I had a lot of fun messing about with this... Another biggie was adjusting the Accelerometer readings to give you a game experience that's a smooth as butter.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm very happy with the custom made soundtrack 'Time to Run' - it complements the game nicely (watch youtube video if you want to hear it). The 'Store's' UI is extremely slick and the user experience throughout the game is friendly and smooth.

What I learned

This is my FIRST EVER go at programming so I've learned A LOT. From creating clean blur shaders (as seen i pause menu) to making my own enemy AI - it has been a long road. On top of all this I've also delved into C4D - something which I don't regret; the more I use Cinema4D the more curious I become...

What's next for Evade - Android Game

New Leaderboard to compete against your friends and more Ships so you can customize your game.

I really hope you enjoy it :) I have definitely had fun giving programming a go and I encourage others to do the same


Have a nice day!

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