HERE'S THE PROBLEM: It's hard to get needed info to make critical decisions and respond before disaster strikes.

HERE'S THE SOLUTION: Evac2Go is a mobile tool that allows you to:

  1. Get Updates in Real-Time as Local Emergency Agencies and Humanitarian organizations publish them.
  2. Buy Emergency Supplies for your Disaster Kit and Book Hotel Rooms for Evacuation.
  3. Ultimately, communicate your Emergency Status with Family and Friends.

I started Evac2Go as a hobby website, after my Hurricane Katrina experience. Evac2Go grew into a tool to help families Prepare and Respond in case of emergency..

Our target markets for Evac2Go are: Smartphone Users- in Disaster Prone U.S. Counties and Parishes. Government Agencies- EMA, Transportation, Health Dept, etc. who want to direct traffic to their emergency info and resources. Humanitarian Organizations- Those who want to direct traffic to their humanitarian info and resources.

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Thank You for Your Support! Respecfully, April Holland, US Navy (RET) Creator, Evac2Go

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