How we built it

Auto-execution is powered by ChainLink's Keeps service.


As a developer, I am always asked by friends around me with these questions: how to front buy a NFT with low-priced leaks, auto-sweep, and add NFT liquidity. Especially because of the jet lag, some NFTs start mint at 4am, and there is no automated tool to help me mint NFT in time. Some of my friends also need to buy BTC in time when the price of BTC falls sharply. And also friends who specialize in large-value stablecoins yield, which also requires a 7*24-hour automated service to deposit stablecoins into high-yield lending platforms.

In the blockchain industry, technological investors have many advantages and can obtain more benefits through technology. "Scientists" can grab all NFTs in one second, but non-technical investors can only sigh.General investors cannot make it. So Evebase is the easy-to-use application to help investors browse the web to find the automated investment strategy stencil they need, copy and use it easily.

What it does

Although Gelato, ChainLink Keeps, Openzeppelin defender can perform automated services, these tools are not so unfriendly for general users .

Therefore, I hope to create a simple and easy-to-use automated management platform based on ChainLink, so that people can create NFT, ERC20 limit order, fixed investment, strategic transaction, combination transaction,NFT sweep and other orders with one click. Eventually, Evabase will be able to provide a low-code IDE, allowing investors to customize their own blockchain automation services through visual programming like Scratch, and create their own smart contract protocols by themselves.

Challenges we ran into

The check service in the ChainLink Keeps automation service only supports smart contracts but doesn't support scripting languages such as Javascript. Users can submit JS code and let Evabase execute it automatically.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We will build automated strategies for mainstream protocols and support for executing multiple contracts periodically.

What we learned

Tools are not only functionally cool, but have an easy interface.

What's next for Evabase

Build a decentralized automated execution platform to provide decentralized service capabilities for web3 apps. Finally, built an auto-computing and execution network is for web3, allowing people create a decentralized business backstage that runs 7*24 hours with one click, without any further.

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