Our team was inspired by our goals of helping the environment. We were all very familiar with the consequences of global warming and realized that gasoline vehicles were a significant contributor. At the same time, only 1% of people owned electric vehicles.

What it does

To do this, we created EV Saves, a progressive app that helps people learn about the tangible benefits of owning electric vehicles compared to their current vehicles, with the goal to convince them to purchase electric vehicles in order to reduce their CO2 emissions. EV Saves does this by getting the current year, make, and model of the user's current vehicle. It then gets what their current budget and specifications are for a new vehicle. The user is then given a range of options for electric vehicles. Once an electric vehicle is selected, the user will be able to see how much they would save operationally and through emissions based on their 2-4 weeks of miles driven. Furthermore, location based geo location is implemented to track how much the user saves per individual trip.

How we built it

We built EV Saves using Javascript in Wix code. For mockup and logo designs, we used Sketch and Canva. For our databases, we pulled data from these 3 sources: The US department of Energy for vehicle information, Local gas station price to determine average cost of gas in Massachusetts, and US Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Resources site to determine emissions from electrical grids.

Challenges we ran into

Since this was the first time that we used Wix code, we ran into multiple hurdles with implementing the backend of the Wix code. However, this challenged us to read and learn more about Wix code, and find any helpful APIs/documentation information that would be helpful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We proud to make our first application using Wix code.

What we learned

We learned how intuitive the Wix code platform can be and how it can speed up the process for various parts of web development.

What's next for EV Saves

We hope to take EV Saves to market in the next few months. Our performance at HackHarvard will help to validate our idea.

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