We as a species must take decisive action to cut down carbon emission in order to save our planet. Switching from a gas powered to an electric powered vehicle is a fantastic way reduce our carbon footprint. That is why it is crucial that our community's electric vehicle charging needs are being met. Our team is committed to gather, interpret, and present the data from charging stations in a meaningful and easy to understand way in order to better serve these needs.


Our team is really excited to share our application that both serves the needs of HECO administrators to visualize and interpret incoming charging station telemetry, as well as the needs of consumers who want to find the closest open and working station available.

Administration Dashboard

We have leveraged proven and tested real time data monitoring solutions to create a dashboard that is dynamic and can serve the changing needs of HECO. Reports, alerts, sharing visualizations, and deep time series querying are all made simple and accessible.

Consumer Facing App

We have included an application that extends the capabilities of the fast charging locations finder that is available on the HECO website. This app includes a map indicating the various statuses of a given station, location search with auto completion, and full integration with the our backend services so that we can see where consumers are looking for stations.


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Live Dashboard (Login: demo/demo)

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