The Covid-19 pandemic brought to the fore-front the importance of maintaining and pursuing sustainable goals for environmental, social and governance factors (ESG). Off-late the new and upcoming generation are becoming self-aware of the importance of environmental, social and governance factors of a company before doing any sort of transactions or business with them. The ready access to ESG scores on a dashboard is the inspiration behind this project. It'll serve a greater purpose to the decision maker while viewing the dashboard.

What it does

On entering a company name in the Item column, the Item View shows the ESG scores provided by ESG Enterprises API.

How we built it

I developed a app with an Item view. The app was built using ReactJS and API.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was the ESG Enterprises free version of the API allows only 50 calls. And when testing, it was easy to exhaust the number of calls.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I feel that ESG is a good initiative on any company's part to maintain their overall efforts to minimize the environmental destruction footprint, while also having a good impact on the social aspect and governance of the company. To this effort, I am proud, I could provide a quick view to the ESG score.

What we learned

To be frank, this was my first foray into learning the App development with and I found it to be quite easy and I have some more ideas that I want to explore with it.

What's next for Eutheni

Eutheni is built on ESG Enterprises free version of API, which limits it to 50 calls. I want to expand this to providing an option for users to enter their own credentials for a paid version.

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