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How the Enforce project can affect the general effort against the Covid19

The Enforce project is an immediate insurance solution, which offers coverage to Covid19 possible patients, with an affordable premium, in a quarantine situation. An extensive calculation has been done taking into consideration up to three symptoms and parameters like the status of the infected people from the virus in each area, the mean of the private hospitals’ prices of the specific area and the population who participates in the insurance sample. Finally estimates the average cost for an individual, to be hospitalized, if needed, in a private hospital. All people with symptoms, regardless their age or having pre-existing conditions will be covered under Enforce without any underwriting.
The results from the Enforce project implementation will be significantly valuable for everyone, individual citizens, public sector and private sector. Firstly if private sector is involved in the effort against Covid19 we will collectively achieve the enlargement of the care for the covid19 patients needed hospitalization. Therefore more people will have access to hospitalization treatment and as a result less people will die. In parallel public sector will be less saturated by patients, doctors and nurses will be working under more human conditions and the probabilities of a successful covid19 patients’ treatment will be maximized, without hospital providers (doctors etc.) to be in danger. Moreover there will be a significant amount saved, in the public sector, due to the fact that a proportion of hospitalized patients will be covered in the private sector. For example, in an area of 10 million adult people if the 5% of the symptomatic population uses Enforce solution, we will be achieving a saving of approximately 15 million euro for the public sector (using Greek private hospital prices). For Individual citizens now, they will get a peace of mind, as it will be a really good opportunity to be able to be hospitalized in a private hospital, if needed, with a really affordable price. Finally, for Private sector it will be an opportunity to help in the general effort against Covid19 and also to give a liquidity “injection” to the market. Enforce solution is an idea which can be implemented really fast, the implemented duration could be less than a month and without significant cost. For all the above reasons we will try to make Enforce solution implemented, in the European zone at least, and we are requesting your support in our effort. Thank you The Enforce team

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