It's spring, and cherry blossom bloom. I asked myself what if I could create and move cherry blossom leaves with my hands; moreover, what if I can create art? what if anyone can create art? That would help so much people out since there are so many great things about art! I connected to my own experience of getting scared at fireworks. So to overcome the fear of fireworks, I thought this way of approach in therapy would have been great for me, and obviously someone else who were also scared at fireworks.

What it does

People discover themselves through EURECA! People gain encouragement, confidence, and self-esteem by creating amazing art with technology. And also recover themselves from traumas.

How we built it

Through excessive amounts of research, understanding the power of arts, we applied the concepts with technologies such as wearable gesture control and motion control device - Myo armband, and Unity3D. 

Challenges we ran into

lack of time to fulfill all the traumatic cases that we really wanted to cover such designing special therapy theme for Natural Disasters care.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We delivered the power of art through these technologies, and made people happy at the end!

What we learned

That there are way too much people in need of therapy, but the there's too small amounts of therapy available, and they are too inefficient, and sometimes affordable. We need these kind of technologies.

What's next for EURECA

more experiences and effects, user specified experience ex) for people who lost home by flood, calm rain effect for trauma curing.

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