We want to turn isolation into cohesion, silence into feedback and loneliness into participation. We cannot rely only on the tech-savvy to uphold democracy and civic-society in this crisis: we need to ensure that everyone is heard.

That is where euphonic comes in. It starts with a phone call and uses AI to connect people and give them a voice. Because not everyone is on twitter, but everyone's voice should be heard; not everyone is on facebook, but everyone needs human contact and the chance to make new connections!

What it does

euphonic uses AI (mainly NLP) to achieve the following: a) provide a voice based interface to people without a smartphone or computer b) empower users to convey their message d) analyze, tag and feed those messages in a twitter-like style e) make the messages visible and heard f) facilitate direct conversation between users via phone based on intelligent matching

How I built it

With some human and some artificial intelligence

Challenges I ran into

Time management, becoming video designer on the fly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Forming an amazing international team over different timezones

What I learned

nothing compares to the chaos of a hackathon - and as Nietzsche said: you must have enough chaos inside to give birth to a dancing star...

What's next for euphonic

Finish the MWP and start validation

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