Inspiration 🩸

Most people face many issues during their first period. Oftentimes, the person in question has no help or knowledge about the menstrual cycle as it is treated as a taboo. We also faced similar problems when we were hitting puberty. We realised that it would be helpful for people to have a clear idea of what happens to their bodies and how they could react to.

The Problem 🩸

The fear or uncertainty revolving around periods is mainly because people feel uncomfortable or are not encouraged to talk freely about it. This is worsened by the fact that issues like less inclusivity and viewing periods as a taboo still persist in many societies. Topping up all of this is the lack of consolidated resources explaining different aspects about menstruation

The Solution and What it Does 🩸

Our solution is an informational chatbot built into an android mobile application. Our bot serves the purpose of educating people of all ages about commonly asked questions related to periods. It assures them that conversations surrounding periods are welcome in our community and helps them understand all about menstruation. The users can also ask it questions and chat about their period problems.

eupheus' Key Features 🩸

Here are some of eupheus' key features:

  • Small Talk: The user can say hi and carry out simple conversations with eupheus.
  • Interactive Buttons: eupheus gives the user suggestions in the form of buttons to ask leading questions.
  • Information: eupheus gives the user thorough, up to date information to answers all their period-related questions.

How We Built it 🩸

We built it using React Native and Google Cloud's Dialogflow. We used the gifted chat library to build the chat console. Our chatbot is trained via dialogflow's machine learning.

Challenges We Ran Into 🩸

Our main challenge was rendering multiple buttons for the chat bubbles. While trying to display buttons, we kept getting multiple messages from the chatbot, as seen in the figure below:

We also encountered difficulties while segregating different types of user questions. We also faced problems with the gifted chat library while customising our app.

What we learned 🩸

During this hackathon we learnt how to create a chatbot using react native, using the gifted chat library and integrating dialogflow into react native.

What's next for eupheus 🩸

Although our app is fully functional, it only serves a basic need currently. We plan to introduce many new exciting features. These features include liaising with medical experts in order to get up to date information; being able to track your menstrual cycle and getting notifications close to your period date; being able to locate nearby pharmacies, doctors, and hospitals; integrating different languages into the app to reach a wider audience; narrating the text on the screen; recognising speech input from users.

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