Mental Health and Wellness is a state of wellbeing and affects how we think, feel and act.Mental health and well being is not being taken seriously as it should and people are not aware of how to deal with it.

What it does

Eunoia bot helps to bring Mental Health awareness and to act as Mental wellness companion by Conversational AI technology to benefit vast people of all ages, races and gender. Eunoia chatbot is available 24/7 unlike humans and people can share and speak freely without the fear of judgement. Texting has become the new way to converse and chatbot provides a positive experience while maintaining privacy and anonymity of the user. The purpose of this chatbot is to provide mental health awareness, help people by providing right resources, entertain, motivate and connect the user to real humans if needed.This bot several activities per each purpose to keep the user engaged and also offers mailing list and new year resolution setter. Under entertain module it can say jokes, play videos, play games and activity suggestion when bored. In mental health module it offers self assessment, good practices and exercises to maintain mental health properly.It offers advices, motivations and inspiritng quotes under motivation module and several other activities.Eunioa is time aware and also offers suggestions so that the user never feels lost when talking to the bot.

How we built it

Built using technology for building the conversational chatbot experience and html,css,javascript for the website and github for repository.

Challenges we ran into

Designing the conversations so that the user will feel engaged and not lost. Maintating user privacy, Providing right resources to the users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building the conversation flow, api usages, mailing list creation and maintaing database.

What we learned

Building chatbot conversation design

What's next for Eunoia - Mental Wellness Chatbot

Adding video call support and providing way to schedule doctor appointment if needed. Adding volunteers.

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