The popular typesetting language, Latex, neatly supports auto-previews for mathematical formulas and equations within the sublime text environment. Unfortunately, live previews do not exist for drawing discrete graphs, also called networks. Also, in order to save time in drawing graphs for our courses, auto-generating Latex scripts from graphs drawn in a video will help a lot!

What it does

Features a screen to visualize graphs and play around with it. Latex graph parser Automatic graph drawing tools.

How we built it

Using Python 3 and pygame.

Challenges we ran into

Dragging and dropping vertices of the graph, parsing Latex

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Spectral layout of a graph implemented within the interface

What we learned

Frequently ensuring correctness of code saves a lot of time and prevents unexpected bugs and crashes. Every member should be aware of the code written so far, collaborate code review is necessary for debugging code.

What's next for EulerTikz

Turn this software into an online tool where graphs are generated live as the instructions are typed. Integrate the tool within the sublime text environment. Generating Latex scripts from the graphs drawn in the pyjama window.

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