We often hear the media describing Bitcoin as "computers solving hard math problems for money". Well, EulerCoin lets you solve Project Euler problems to generate digital currency tokens!

Also this:

If this shit can ICO and make $105858, so can EulerCoin!

What it does

Project Euler is a well-known site for mathematical and programming problems. You submit your answer to a Project Euler problem to our smart contract, which submits it to Project Euler. If it's correct, then you are awarded some EulerCoin and the answer is published to the blockchain for everyone to enjoy!

How we built it

Solidity, Truffle

Challenges we ran into

First time developing with Solidity, so there was a big learning curve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to demo with a straight face

What we learned

"This is where you put something wise" - Andrei

What's next for EulerCoin

It will sit on my hard drive for a few months until I need the space

Built With

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