Welcome to Nitrous.IO

Nitrous.IO enables you to develop web applications completely in the cloud. This development "box" helps you write software, collaborate real-time with friends, show off apps to teammates or clients, and deploy apps to production hosting sites like Heroku or Google App Engine.

Getting Started

This box is a fully functional Linux environment in which you can develop any Linux-based application. This box comes bundled with gcc, make, perl and other system-level libraries, enough to get you started on your application development journey.

Setting up your SSH Keys

We recommend that you use Github (www.github.com) to manage your application's code. To interact with your code on Github, you'll need to add your Nitrous.IO box's SSH keys to Github. Follow these steps to get started:


Installing Databases

Your box comes installed with Autoparts, with which you can install databases such as MySQL, Redis, Postgres, Memcache and many others. Look for the "Autoparts" menu in the IDE, or read more here:


Previewing your application

Once you're running a webserver, keep an eye on the port where your server is running. Then click the "Preview" menu title in the IDE above and select the port where your application is running. For more information, check out this help article:


Real-Time Collaboration

You can invite friends and teammates into this web IDE session so you can code collaboratively on the same codebase. This can be really helpful when giving tutorials, troubleshooting some code, or just doing some pair programming. Click the "Collaborate" menu and then manage collaborators.



Once you've built your application, you can deploy to various cloud services such as Heroku, Google App Engine, Nodejitsu, Azure and others. You can read more about it here:



This box comes installed with virtualenv and you can use other versions of Python. Read more about it here:


You can also read more about creating a Django app here:


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