During this time where everyone is quarantined and distance learning, we wanted to make productivity fun, unlike other applications, where there is not much in return. At Edufy, we believe students and teachers deserve to be celebrated for their accomplishments. That's why we created this platform for you to build goals, get motivated, and achieve your dreams.

What it does

You first start off with 100 health and 0 gold. Every time you finish a task, you gain 10 coins! If you don't finish the task, your health will dramatically drop. Coins you have earned can be spent at the shop. Your coins show how hard you've hard so make sure you spend it wisely. At 0 health, your profile will fully reset, so make sure to get those tasks going!

Furthermore, there are several productive mini-games such as Pomodoro Timer and Focus Mode for you to motivate and push yourself to your limits.

How we built it

We created the backend using Express JS, Node.js, and MongoDb which was on the Google Cloud Platform. Utilzing these tools, we created a REST API to connect with the client. The API was tested utilizing Post man

In terms of the Front End, we utilized React.js, Figma to develop ALOT of drafts ;), We also decided to write our own CSS for customizability instead of using a public library.

Challenges we ran into

  • Brainstorming and Designing the Application took sometime away from the building process.
  • We were a team of two and it was really difficult for us to divide our task and finish the website within the timeframe
  • Sleep :(( We got tired and ran in to some bugs that could've been easily solved if we were more awake.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're glad the we were able to have a fully running Application to be deployed which uses a backend and a frontend. We're proud that we could finish some many tasks even though we had only two people on the team. We got all the static pages in on time!

What we learned

We learned that gradients are fun to play around. We will never forgot to put brackets in our function component props again. I promise. (We spent 1 hour figuring out this bug). We learned how to use other HTTP methods other than POST such as PUT and DELETE for the REST API.

What's next for Eudfy: Education For You

We hope to fully connect the ready REST API backend with the Client Side. Furthermore, we hope to provided people a fun platform to be productive.

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