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Mapping the Results of EU-funded programs

The solidarity within the EU is critical to overcome the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 crisis. How does the EU help citizens and business to overcome the Covid-19 crisis? What EU programs & measures exist to support citizens in the areas of health services, job security, business support to SMEs and startups, social cohesion in local community and support to vulnerable groups, in particular the elderly?

How can EU citizens gain easy access up-to-date access to information and data on what EU-support programs? What programs exist in your town, city or region? How can citizens access the programs at the local level?

It is suggested to visualise the program data through an inter-active mapping tool, which allows citizens the easy access to a brief description, key data, including budget, main contact point and results from the project.

The platform would be based on an open data approach, making the underlying data openly and in machine-readable formats available to users. It would include an API and open data catalogue to enable programmers and user to re-use the project and geo-spatial data, analyse, process, and visualise the data on their own platforms.

It is also suggested to find solutions that enable to interconnect the project and program level data with geo-spatial data and more qualitative data, including hyper-local inter-active social media content, multi-media content (pictures, videos) and results stories from the projects.

The objective of the platform would be to enable user to access on a map the key project data of EC-financed project, obtain key background data, including the budget of the project, the main implementing organisation or grant recipient, the main contact person. The platform would also provide more qualitative data, including multi-media content (pictures of videos about the project), results stories, news stories about the project and content from social media (i.e. twitter, Instagram, linkedin).

Examples of existing platforms

What Europe does for me?


Examples of existing EU-funded programs.

We propose to focus on the European innovation council (EIC) program

1) European Innovation Council programs

EIC call to support innovative solutions to fight COVID-19

Existing mapping platform of EU-funded projects focus on SMEs and research and innovation with data on the projects

EIC Existing success stories

List of EIC funded projects

Example of existing social media content on an EIC accelerator project (with funding from EU) Penguin project

Built With

  • mapping
  • opendata
  • socialmedia
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