1. Inspiration We found the opportunity of the retail industry. With the emergence of the epidemic, more people actively or passively buy food, daily necessities, epidemic prevention products online frequently The outbreak is the best push for business digital models to continue to penetrate the lives of a wider range of people.

  2. What it does The retail industry is facing more challenges. More data analysis required in the future. Resource integration is difficult, data is scattered in different business systems and unrelated to each other. A large number of reports, and enriched with the types of retail business. We provide three solutions for the challenge of retailers who want to digitize their business include:

  3. Set up Data middle platform - unified management

  4. Big Data analysis - precision marketing

  5. Online Fuse Offline - Changes in the retail industry drives by IT technology

  6. How can we capitalize on the available resources currently linked to our idea

  7. In the past year, many companies have started to try digital transformation, but many still do not know what "digital" is, or they think "digital" is just the "value-added logic" of business growth. The epidemic will be over soon, but its impact on the whole business environment and development will be deep and lasting. It will turn "digital competition" into the basic logic of business competition. Digitalization is an inevitable trend.

What is our target user

  • Direct: Retailers, supermarket, the grocery store
  • Indirect: Industries have offline physical stores
  1. What is our purpose
  2. We all know that digital transformation is not a matter that can be made manifest in one or two sentences, and traditional enterprises do not understand this matter. In the period of digital transformation, they are trying to cross the river by feeling the stones, lacking benchmarking reference and professional guidance, and unable to complete self-empowerment.

  3. How we built it Web service: html, javascript Literature resources: https://www.cnki.net, google scholar

  4. What we learned With the power of digital, we can not only cope with the epidemic better but also bring more impetus and growth points for the long-term development of enterprises. Enterprises are empowered to start the digital transformation. Landing process requires a lot of professional support, but as the market changes quickly, the talented person ability request is higher, job requirements and personal ability to low matching degree of the biggest problems is the digital transformation, especially in the digital transformation extremely fast first-tier cities, the digital transformation of the lack of professional talents is the enterprise important problem to be solved.

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