I got inspired to do this project because of the outrageous prices of data in canada. Pretty much everyone has more texts they can use, but with no internet access.

What it does

What this does, is allow the access of email and reddit using text messages. This means that you can still use it when your on the road, with no internet access.

How I built it

It is made using twilio for the interface between text and internet, while using microsoft azure as the hosting server for the backend

Challenges I ran into

This whole weekend was very challenging, alot of no sleep and frustration was involved. But in the end, we have a MVP to show to the world, as a proof of concept that this idea can work.

What's next for Etxt

The next step is to improve the app, and bring it to other mobile operating systems, as well as improving the backend server and adding more services to be accesable offline

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