How many times we have realized after the fact and regret of doing something that created a bad impression about us to others?

Many times. But still we keep doing the same thing.

It is not because we want to repeat our mistakes but there is no easy way to correct things on our side.

Certain such places where we can use automation as a key to advise us are:

1.) Email Communication 2.) Chat Communication 3.) Articles we try to publish 4.) Any formal document we present to client 5.) Social websites

and the list goes on but let me stick to those mentioned above for now.

So there is a need of an Etiquette Advisor for each of those items listed above that can help people improve their communication skill by taking advise provided by Etiquette Advisor.

Etiquette Advisor - This will be an API , service or tool that can be incorporated in all of those items listed above.

The obvious value is improvement of communication sent out on the fly. The long term value is people who use those advise if they incorporate in their part of life then it is one of the greatest asset they can posses. It saves the communicator from shame and eventually IBM Even if not directly it can save time and money since it improves the chances for us as IBMers to negotiate with end users due to better communication and documentation skills

Built With

  • alachemy-language
  • personality
  • speech-to-text-text-to-speech
  • tone-analyzer
  • trade-off-analytics
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