Inspiration - We all live in a big city and experience how wildlife trafficking can feel like a distant problem. We wanted to bring the problem closer to the citizens of London and all big cities by aiding customers in their everyday activities and also educating them on how to do more!

What it does - EtikBuy is a web based platform that uses a barcode scanning solution enabling users to search real time for products in our database. The product barcodes can be scanned by any smart phone in any shop - helping customers to make informed purchase decisions. We also show related products that have a better EtikBuy ratings on each product page so users are informed about eco-conscious product alternatives. We also provide educational content on wildlife trafficking and how can people make a difference.EtikBuy also has a merchandise store - all profits go to support a wildlife charity!

How we built it - Technology overview:

For the website’s front end we use react, redux and bootstrap For the backend we use python, flask and DynamoDB Additional integrations: Scandit - barcode & text scanner solution Shopify - ecommerce, for the EtikBuy merchandise

Challenges we ran into - sometimes gaining credible information of a brand/product takes a bit of extra research

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We believe the EtikBuy proposition resonates well with our target market and can provide value in people's day to day lives.

What we learned - Incredible amounts of wildlife trafficking! thanks for the organisation it was very insightful!

What's next for EtikBuy - angel investment to roll it out :)

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