There's a huge variety of retro games out there, but we wanted to incorporate the competitiveness of modern esports platforms into an interactive game concept. The ultimate gameplay with ShootR should be simple and intuitive, yet exciting and dynamic.

What it does

A user uses the CelerX to login, and make themselves available for ranked competition.

How we built it

This project was based off of the tutorial example by Jared, We created an Html5 game in Phaser.js, and it is compiled and run on CelerX's servers. The app implements blockchain technologies through CelerX's API for games on its ecosystem.

Challenges we ran into

To control the ship intuitively, we wanted to allow the user to move the ship based on the gyroscope data from the phone. This was extremely difficult to get, and very difficult to debug on mobile. Also, we had trouble building our multi-file, class-based game for CelerX, which has an API that expects a simple game in one file.

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