We as a team regularly download, upload and seed torrents using the Bittorent, uTorrent and qTorrent clients. With Bittorent Live now entering its testing faze -- providing entrance into the world of crypto and token economies through the built in integration of the Tron wallet -- there is a need to capitalize on this market trend. We see our project as the competitor to Bittorent that will introduce a different yet competitive cryptoeconomic/crypto rewards environment.

What it does EthTorrent is a distributed peer to peer content file sharing system, and eventually streaming, which incentives fair play and continuous seeding of downloaded files.

An electron app, transactions submitted and resolved on the Ethereum blockchain, taxa network, squarelink, bounty smart contracts using solidity

Challenges we ran into Endpoint integration, challenging documentation at times, lack of sleep

Accomplishments that we're proud of -building a full fledged and good lucking mvp of the product

What we learned saving to file, how torrents work

What's next for EthTorrent rust smart contracts, ewasm, ipfs, kdht

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