What it does

Our project provides a straightforward process for clients to send ERC20 tokens to exchanges to be traded without requiring ether to be present in the clients wallets. This web interface functions using uPort, the 0x orderbook, a small store of ether to fulfill the gas payments needed to forward client tokens. Clients specify parameters of the token they want to send, and the address they are trying to send to. ETH Tollway makes full use of the reputation and attestation solutions uPort provides in order to trust the users with deposited ether. This web app is developed with a primary focus on simplification and ease-of-use.

How we built it

EthTollway is built in conjunction with uPort and 0x. We utilized the uPort application for identity verification and the 0x protocol to off-board tokens into ether.

Challenges we ran into

uPort is still in it's early stages so there were some problems with integration. We were all very new to the 0x.js/0x Connect libraries there was a significant learning curve in that area.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud to have a functional prototype to demo to the judges, in addition to a comprehensive abstract document on our project.

What's next for EthTollway

EthTollway could easily be extended to act as a intermediary token exchange able to send acquired ether to a specific address. Additionally, we have plans to create a developer API for EthTollway which will allow centralized exchanges to implement our application on their websites.

Built With

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