To move complex calculation off-chain/side-chain to achieve lower gas fees as well as better performance.

What it does

  1. User buys security tokens issued by company.
  2. User is paid out dividends in the form of consistent micro-payments, calculated and distributed on the side-chain.
  3. Stablecoin (DAI) is rewarded in proportion to the total dividends earned on the side-chain.

How we built it

We used standard NodeJS to build the bridge node, which communicates between both chains via event listening. Loom SDK is used as the side-chain. We also built a UI with Vue framework for users to buy security tokens and withdraw their dividends earned in the form of DAI, as well as for companies to create and issue their own security tokens.

Challenges we ran into

Integration with the Loom network dapp chain. Communication between blockchains using an event-based bridge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to facilitate communications between both blockchains.

What we learned

Loom SDK in-depth, DAI stablecoin mechanics.

What's next for Dai Now

To get DAI payments to actually work.

Built With

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