This is inspired loosely by sites like and hashnode and aspires to become a platform ready for the people with great features like live likes and embeded transaction info .

What it does

Lets you Sign up for an 👨‍🎤 account, ✍️ write about things you are doing in web3 space, get likes and recognised => then 💖 like content posted by other users. Graphql is integrated in the app to provide your account details ⧫+ transactions at one place using Stepzen-graphql.

How we built it

We built it using Nextjs which provides SSR and Utilising the useful Stepzen to create beautiful graphql schemas that made our process easy.

Challenges we ran into

Since, I was working solely alone on the project, I found difficulty in setting up everything and a little friction in finding the moralis api and then using its rest-api as endpoint and finally integrating with stepzen.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that I was able to finally deliver the project with all the feautures including integration of moralis Api.

What we learned

I learned how useful can it be to use stepzen to convert any restapi endpoint to beautiful graphql schemas.

What's next for ETHShare

Developing and adding more feature to the app is the next goal. Apart from transaction many more web3 feautures are to be found place in the near future.

Built With

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