SeedSecure is a trustless, paperless way to backup ur seed phrases using Shamir's secret Sharing Algorithm. Our platform maintains a network of anonymous android users who store pieces of the seed phrase generated by shamir's algorithm.

SeedSecure has two main interfaces:

  • Android App

The app only needs to be installed once and does not require any further interaction with it, beyond a simple registration. Whenever the pieces are needed, the app responds automatically. The people who join our network are rewarded in Dai for every request the successfully complete.

  • WebApp

The webapp provides the interface for submitting the seed phrase for backup and a login form for retrieving it.

We are using RSA encryption for messaging on our app. Thus even if someone is logging the traffic on the servers, they will not be able to decrypt it. We would also like to use kyber network's protocol to let the users decide the token they want to be rewarded in.

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