What it does

In my last hackathon, I worked on a decentralized EthJournal, where gas was transferred between authors/peer reviewers/users automatically. However, this did not account for the "review" a respective author/peer reviewer would receive. As a result, I built a token called the ReviewToken, which accounts for reviews, which count for credibility of the users. This token would determine the amount of ether transferred in the transactions.

How I built it

Really just playing around with Ethereum, gas, Rinkeby, Solidity. I started off looking at how to make a coin, and how the coin could be used alone and in integration with the aforementioned application.

Challenges I ran into

Compiling Solidity. I was using REMIX fundamentally, and most of the time, did not have reliable enough internet connection to be able to test. For a good 4-5 hours, my MetaMask extension was unable to connect to Rinkeby test network. When I finally got connected to Rinkeby, my wifi was too slow, and I couldn't connect to the faucet for Rinkeby. There was just really large inconveniences with the wifi, which significantly slowed down my development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working with Solidity again. Syntax wise, I don't think it is significantly challenging. More idea-wise. I was a lot more unsure of my process and how to do things in Solidity in my last project. This time, it was a bit smooth, as I was more easily able to look up docs (when they loaded)...

What I learned

To download Solidity docs. I also learned I need to find an alternative for running Remix online, when there isn't reliable wifi. At ETHWaterloo, I read about a way to download REMIX locally, but I don't have strong enough internet to find out how to do it.

What's next for EthReviewTokens

Integrate it with the transfer of ether between authors and peer reviewers. App is also using local storage; I want to use Storj.

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