Inspiration- Autonomous Vehicles and distributed systems and teams that are leading.

What it does- Creates a stakeholder shell ( using smart contracts to create and distribute value. Data Collection and distribution system to share data in real time on the health and concerns of the Industry.

How I built it- VNOC -OS, cap table systems, CONTRIB and a URL

Challenges I ran into- What to build, worrying about transaction execution lagging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of- Pushed an all nighter and landed on something completely different with potential material impact on a few community members.

What I learned- Some awesome people in the ecosystem and we need to put rubber to the road with real value added distributed systems. Landed on something different and being open and flexible is the style I like at these events.

What's next for - How to build a simple rules engine so the entity can become semi-Autonomous while seeding itself for whatever direction is takes.

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