If you have tried to store strings on the blockchain, you know that storage is expensive. In the future, it could get even more expensive with storage rent. We've built a smart contract that lets everyone work together to save on rent.

Anyone can compress a word by uploading it to the Word DAO contract, which is running on Ropsten at 0x4DC1ABd5181C0256E57cB7215b73781C5D10D224. Once a word is compressed, anyone can save gas by saving a pointer to the word in Word DAO instead of saving the whole word.

In our benchmarking, uploaders save 15-20% of the gas costs by saving pointers instead of whole words.

Uploaders have an incentive to create words: they receive a WORD token for each word they upload. WORD tokens will have a claim on the cashflow from looking up words.

We built a canonical contract to store all words, referenced by an integer. Instead of putting an entire string in your contract like "hello world", you can reference two integers: 1 and 4.

The contract maps those keys to those words: { 1 => "hello", 4 => "world"}

This repo consists of three contracts:

WordDAOToken: Issues a coin for anyone contributing a word Registry: Stores all the words in uint32 -> bytes32 Manager: Owner of both of the above contract and interface to access them. Charges a tiny fee to get a word back, which is planned to go to owners of WordDAOToken (last part not implemented yet). Also, check out this repo for a contract that utilizes this manager: Ethnewyork-poi-tagger

Instructions to get this running Terminal Window 1:

npm requirements

npm install -g truffle npm install -g zos npm install

Run ganache in one terminal

ganache-cli --deterministic Terminal Window 2:

truffle migrate truffle console --network development

let managerInstance = await Manager.at("0xCfEB869F69431e42cdB54A4F4f105C19C080A601") managerInstance.getDictionarySize() let txn = await managerInstance.addBytes(web3.utils.asciiToHex("Ethereum")) let word = await managerInstance.getBytesByKey(2) 0x33834030300000000 \ returns in bytes (maybe different than what you put into addBytes) TODOs Upgrade Manager to withdraw Eth for WordDAOTokens Test withdrawl

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