Video streaming through Ethereum smart contracts This is ETHBerlinZwei work submission. We did video streaming through smart contract running on top of SKALE blockchain.

NOTE: The EthMotionPictures project is experimental and created for ETHBerlinZwei only.

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DEPLOYED SMART CONTRACT ADDRESSES: 0x5a2ead0bbdd9f2be43793febfdd5476357d91df2 and 0x3feb35fdfeab024e13e93b7115c3c2e4fe741146



Smart contracts are limited to the types and bandwidth of data they can process. We wanted to explore whether we could pass higher bandwidth and near real time data between two smart contracts using SKALE Layer 2 technology so dApp developers can use more types of data feeds in a decentralized way.


We are trying to do what is, probably, never done before.

What it does

Streams videos between two points through Ethereum smart contracts.

How we built it

We captured video via client side WebRTC components of modern web browsers. Then we streamed video frame portions to published smart contracts. Then we broadcasted video streams to all the connected endpoints.

Challenges we ran into

WiFi bandwidth was a key limitation to development and testing. More importantly, speed limitation of Mainnet, Rinkeby, Ropsten, Kovan... It doesn't allow to build our software. These networks use block timestamps based on 1 second time resolution. So, blocks cannot appear more often than 1 second there. This is not appropriate for video streaming, Thanks to SKALE, their Ethereum implementation using millisecond time resolution for mined blocks what allows 1000 video frames to be published during 1 second of time flow. So we run on top of SKALE implementation of Ethereum blockchain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We tried to be brave enough to make video streaming attempt through blockchain.

What we learned

We discovered video streaming through blockchain is possible.

What's next for EthMotionPictures

Add sound support, stream higher resolution video and better time synchronization.

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