Ethical Animal Research is a revolutionary contract research organization (CRO) that disrupts the $20 billion industry while saving animal and human lives.

​The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires all human pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics be tested on two animal species in two rounds of pre-clinical trials in order to proceed into human clinical trials. Currently, the pre-clinical study market is large, completely inelastic, extraordinarily inhumane, and has seen little innovation in the past decades.

Ethical Animal Research changes everything. Instead of creating diseases in laboratory animals, Ethical Animal Research crowdsources animals from the pet population that are already afflicted with the disease of interest. Ethical Animal Research is creating a large recruitment network consisting of the 26 US Veterinary Schools and the top veterinary hospitals, and is on track to build a 15 million animal database over the next three years. Our model is akin to the Phase III Clinical Trial testing methodology in people; which is a juxtaposition to the current pre-clinical testing methodology. Traditional pre-clinical testing has no correlation with Phase III success or failure. 92% of products that succeed in pre-clinical studies fail by Phase III - primarily because induced disease, in hyper-standardized conditions, is a terrible proxy of naturally occurring disease. Our methodology is far cheaper than traditional testing methodologies, has higher prognosticative power of Phase III success because natural disease in pets is a much better proxy for natural disease, saves innocent animals from being bred, sickened and tested on, and aligns the interests of the entire value chain.

​Ethical Animal Research is a game-changing innovation that is triple bottom line sustainable.

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