I spent over 100 dollars in 6 minutes on Amazon and got mad at Amazon instead of myself.

What it does

It shames you before you buy by showing all the things you could be buying.

How we built it

Using Javascript and the chrome extension runtime, we were able to create this wonderful delight delectable delicacy that changes your screen, guilting you catered to your budget

Challenges we ran into

Sometimes, Amazon was being bad and had different ids for the same product on the same page which made it really annoying to scrape.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Rem is the most noticeable thing.

What we learned

That sometimes, the best way to do things is simply to let them be. While Amazon is a gigantic huge scam, this is also a gigantic huge scam, as it would be very easy to insert miners or hidden fees, reminding us all again of the greater existence and being, us to the cosmos. While we are all individuals and all very important like our mothers told us, we all don't matter in the grand scheme of things. Because of this, it is important to remember if you're ethical or not because if you're unethical thats mean and it'll be bad for your kids and their puppies.

What's next for Ethical Amazon

The next step for this is to implement the AI and Blockchain and Deep Reinforcement Learning using Convolutional Recurrent GANS Neural Networks. This will completely revolutionize the online shopping industry. Did you know that over 10 billion dollars are spent on the industry every single year, yet Amazon hardly profits from this. Why is this? It's an economic phenomenon known as predatory pricing, where Amazon eliminates the smaller businesses that hold up the American economy and slowly monopolize the industry, until one day, the prices are completely raised and us lazy college students don't notice and continue paying the high prices. This extension will prevent it from happening. One Dollar At A Time

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