An exploding number of smart contracts are being deployed, "Google for smart contract" will become very necessary.

What it does

(1) Provides a standard framework for smart contract keyword tagging/untagging in a decentralized and inexpensive way (2) Provides an interface to allow users to search for smart contracts based on keywords. (3) Provides an interface for smart contract owners to tag/untag keywords

How we built it

We built it using Solidity, Node.js, Express.js, truffle, metamask, infura. We deployed it on Ropsten test net. We used the event log system on Ethereum to store keywords and retrieved the search results using getPastLogs method in web3.

Challenges we ran into

(1) Getting the front end to load files from IPFS (2) Designing an efficient way of managing keywords (3) Getting inherited contracts in different files to compile using solc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

(1) We made the project work by connecting all the dots (2) Our project is unique and innovative

What we learned

(1) How to use truffle to handle the compiling and deploying (2) Learned about event log indexing and retrieval methods (3) Achieving decentralization is not too difficult with current tools

What's next for EthGo

(1) Compatibility/support for existing contracts (2) Allow for individual contract description (3) True decentralization with IPFS

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