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Project built for Smackathon - Decentralize the music industry


An app to book concert tickets via ethereum and also allow users to trade their tickets among themselves.

Etherwave is an authentic adaptation of Lev Termen's original design for the Theremin and also a cool project name for a hackathon adding music on ethereum blockchain.

The user own the ticket

  • The users have easy access to their tokens through Etherwave app
  • They are free can transfer in any ERC721 exchange
  • They can be easily verified by anyone through the QR Code and comparing to the information registered in the blockchain

No more endless lines!

  • No paperwork needed
  • Just needs one time verification
  • Any trade can be done in a safe way
  • No more gatecrasher

Watch the Demo:

Google presentation - with video


1) Git clone and cd repo:

git clone
cd etherwave

2) Install all npm dependencies:

npm install

3) Deploy contracts with ganache-cli:


4) Open a new terminal. Migrate contracts with truffle

truffle migrate

5) Run the app locally:

npm start

Main Packages

  • express - for serving the app
  • openzeppelin-solidity - to add blockchain functionality
  • truffle - framework to interact with blockchain
  • web3 - integrate blockchain with UI


ERC721, also known as NFTs (Non-fungible token) are tokens where each one is unique. These individual tokens can come with metadata, which would be a link for their IPFS json file. In this project we have added events' info to the blockchain such as location, date and price of event. They're indivisible unlike fungible tokens.


The Tickets for every event stored in a blockchain are all ERC721(Non-Fungible) tokens The user can buy them for an event and in case the user is not able to attend the event, he/she can sell it to other users for price equal or more than original.


OpenZeppelin Module was utilized for operations in the Ethereum Blockchain:

  • Creation of Events
  • Listing of Events
  • Creation of Tickets
  • Purchasing of Tickets
  • Selling of Tickets
  • Listing the Tickets owned by a particular User address
  • future feat: Transfering tokens through a waiting list


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