I wanted to create a learning tool that assists in describing the nature of tokenization and digital ownership formed by distributed consensus.

What it does

It is a game of tag. Whoever is it can enter an Ethereum address and tag the next person. Recent player's addresses will be shown on the game.

How I built it

I am a fan of the Javascript framework Truffle, so I started there and researched what kind of libraries I could utilize to build the application. I settled on Open-Zeppelin for the token platform. After creating the ownership transfer logic, I styled the front end and make everything look sharp.

Challenges I ran into

Not a big fan of front-end development

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think decentralized applications are going to be booming in the next few years so I'm glad to have a foot in the door learning how to build them.

What I learned

There's a lot more that goes on with data and function call than there is when building on a typical web framework

What's next for EtherTag

You tell me ;) . fork the repo on GitHub,

If there's any interest I can set up a live demo with testnet Ethereum and you can play for yourself

Built With

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