The aim of this project is to decentralize all the big events' check-ins, avoiding duplications, identity theft and other issues.

This project has been developed under the framework of the HackUPC 2017, Fall edition.

First Idea and Approach

The idea arose from a real-case scenario lived in Catalonia in October, when the public sites destined to host the Electoral Roll data were shut down. Taking this idea and applying the BlockChain concept and technology, we focused on the development of a decentralized structure that could manage all the data needed for overcrowded events.

Possible Applications

The code provided can be applied in several situations, such as:

  1. Verifying the legitimacy of an election roll
  2. Cue-checking in crowded events as concerts, to avoid multiple attendees accessing with a unique pass


This project is licensed under the MIT License


HackUPC for providing us with the facilities and logistics to spend 36h of programming in a great environment

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