EtherLoops is an Ethereum dApp that has the following contracts:

  • Ether Loop Coin (ELC) for buying and selling music loops
  • Token curated market for loops, which are unique, non-fungible assets

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Ether Loop Coin (ELC) contract was less than 15 lines long. Fantastic!


  • Ganache that's running
  • One or more accounts on Metamask
  • Stop or pause adblock

Known bugs

  • Setting card before starting a loop causes a problem with multiple audio contexts
  • Loading errors (does not hinder functionality)
  • child pages not https


  • Set card to music on right-click
  • Publish to Ropsten (currently on local Ganache)
  • Add ability to invest into a loop. Additionally, if a card you own has been used in a popular loop, each time the loop is bought you get a piece of the royalty! Now wouldn't that be nice?!
  • Complete and link marketplace (this is just a PoC)



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