Challenges applied for: Wyoming Benefit Consensys Governance

Bitcoin showed us the immense power of releasing a blockchain-based incentive structure into the world.

Blockchains are unique because they allow thousands of governance systems and monetary policies to be tried.

Ahead of us is a Cambrian explosion of economic and governance designs.

In the next five years we will experiment with these systems more than we have in the last half century.

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) have evolutionary characteristics, similar to an organism. We can birth these entities into existence and they can transcend us.

DAOs will be a powerful new tool for us to use in solving many of our toughest problems, ranging from small but important issues that arise from within our homes and neighborhoods, to the large and existential crises that loom over our entire world.

And Wyoming is leading the way in this new age of experimentation with governance. With the recent passage of blockchain-friendly regulation here, Wyoming is now one of the most, if not the most, attractive states to blockchain companies. This lead, however, is not secure. And the job is not done. The time is now for building out state infrastructure to make it frictionless for blockchain companies to form in Wyoming.
We need to remove the need for cumbersome paperwork and manual review of the formation of these legal entities. That is why we are presenting Etherize.It - a bridge between the ‘real world’ of Wyoming and the virtual world of blockchains.

Etherize.It is a place for legal entities and blockchains to connect.

Towards this goal, we have built a simple way to incorporate LLCs - or, Series LLCs - through the payment of Ether. But more importantly: we’ve built a way to link LLCs to any Ethereum address. This means individual addresses, multi-signature wallets, complex DAOs, or anything else that we can imagine on the Etheric plane are able to interact with the State of Wyoming.

But that’s not all.

This rollout will be a boon to state coffers through forward looking diversification of our economy, with the added bonus of reversing Wyoming’s brain drain. Just look at all the brainpower that came to this wonderful event; one of many to come that culminate in making Wyoming an even better place.

What's next for Etherize.It - (DaoSprout)

We are hoping Aragon will fund us to continue working on this project, making their virtual jurisdiction fully connected to Wyoming's jurisdiction. We believe that these hybrid DAO/LLCs will bring great change!

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