Inspiration Our team is excited about the ability to use the blockchain gaming in the context of digitally rare sneakrs and Basketball Fantasy eSports. Our team consists of two Professional/Collegiate Athletes and Sports Enthusiast.

What it does EtherHoops tracks live data from and serves scores using chainlink, & ERC1155 smart contracts deployed on Ethermint* Users can form a fantasy eSports team with bsaketball cards that process the playes stats as an NFT Card along with the ability to collect and trade rare Virtual Sneakrs using the Cosmos NFT Module.

How I built it Casmir wrote Solidity Smart Contracts for Chainlink, ERC1155 for the NBAScores API and the NFT-Module/We build a Ethermint Node & Server as well as a Chainlink Node & Adapter.

Justin built a heroku flask API to serve live NBA data & Dayana built the front end for WEb3-React. Casmir also wrote GO-Cosmos-IBC for RapNameServices & "NBAChain".

Challenges I ran into Ethermint challenges with the Address Mnemonic being 24 words instead of 12, and the RPC endpoint not being recognized by Metamask, So we had to work around a CORS issue in Chrome to get the localhost to connect into Remix. We also had some snags with getting Dayana Set up on Ethermint with a Bufio Errors, There was also the need to swap our Chain_id from 3(23*) to 8!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of As a team we takled the Cosmos SDK from the Smart Contracts to Using GO as well as implementing Ethermint as it was just released the day of the Hackathon opener on Friday Nov 1. Our Team build several really cool modules and a Front-end that would live in a hosted DApp Zone with our Basketball eSports Game Themed Ecosystem. We did this while debugging a pre-alpha software and still being able to present a fully functional Game using Cosmos SDK & Ethermint.

What I learned I learned how to prioritize and pivot under pressure and continuously improve and develop software under duress and extremes stress with pose within a team setting under a highly pressurized scenerio while accomplishing our short term goal deliverables with the only error being on the Ethermint/Chainsafe Mnemonic Flub with the Key not being able to be generated into Metamask/Remix

What's next for EtherHoops/SneakrCred We plan to release a demo'able version across a few chains so far we have won the Matic,Celer, CoCosBCX Game Hackathons and have BinanceX Fellowships under our belt with a few more iterations on implementing a complete user interface for SneakrCred a Digitally rare sneakr collectible game and EtherHoops being the eSports Fantasy Team that everyone is really excited to play and buy lootbooxes!

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