Ethereum Transaction Subscription

Ethereum Blockchain Updates powered by Redis Pub/Sub

Ethereum Transaction Subscription allows clients to subscribe to pending Ethereum blockchain transactions using a Pub/Sub mechanism powered by Redis.

How It Works

The publisher server fetches the latest pending Ethereum blockchain transactions and publishes them to the Redis Channel named {from}/{to}/{amount} where from and to are the sender and the receiver of the Ethereum transaction.

Right now the subscriber script subscribes to all the channels using a * glob pattern. However it can be updated to subscribe to the transactions of a specific sender / receiver or transactions between a particular sender & receiver or transactions between a particular sender & receiver for a specific amount.






Getting Started


  • Useful for merchants to process payments using ethereum
  • Useful for crypto exchanges
  • Track certain transactions between sender and receiver
  • Track certain smart contract events
  • Improve UX of ethereum Apps
  • Same feature can be extended for other blockchains too

Future features

  • Use Redis Queue to track pending transactions until they are confirmed
  • Create more specific channels for different types of transactions e.g. ERC 20 token transfers, Smart Contract events, etc.

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