Ethereum Makers - The Digital Gold Rush And The New Global Dream.

Today, we are un-disputably living in the “Digital Age Of Gold”. Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum Smart Contracts, in particular, have redefined and reshaped the current economy, the Makers Economy.

Ethereum Makers are highly sought after. We are the architects of the future.

Lower barriers to entry

All you need to participate in this new economy is an internet connection and a computer with a Chrome Browser. You can even do away with the computer and just use a Chromebook which lowers, even more, the barriers.

New Opportunities

Never before in this digital economy has it been possible to program money. Makers, with that particular set of skills, are writing their own tickets to the future.

Not everybody is a developer, but not every developer is a business person as well. As different verticals will need integration with Smart Contracts, there will be a demand for collaboration between technical and non-technical person to build the future of the decentralized world.

Ethereum Makers are going to be high demand to build Smart Contracts based on specifications from the business world.

The New Norm

New millionaires are minted every day. ICOs or initial coin offerings are creating instant millionaires, via essentially smart contracts.

Needless to say that, as much wealth si tied to Smart Contracts, there will be a tremendous need for security audits and other smart contract related services.

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