Ethereum Listener

Ethereum Listener, a realtime Ethereum transaction visualizer written in HTML/Javascript. See and hear new transactions as they propagate through the Ethereum Network.


  1. Install Node.js.

  2. Install grunt-cli using sudo npm install -g grunt-cli.

  3. Cd into the project directory and run npm install to install the proper Grunt version and dependencies for this project.

  4. Run grunt to build Ethereum Listener. Alternatively, run grunt watch to build Ethereum Listener, host it at http://localhost:8000, and watch for and rebuild changes in the source files.

APIs and Libraries

Ethereum uses these libraries:

Ethereum uses these APIs:

Reference & License

This project is adapted from BitListen. If you distribute this project in part or in full, please attribute with a link to the GitHub page. This software is available under the MIT License, details in the included file.

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