Kiko and I started investing in tokens in 2017, and wanted to run some analyses to understand trading behavior.

We quickly found that it was incredible hard to answer simple questions like:

  • How many people own token X?
  • How many people transacted with token X in the last Y days?
  • How many people that own token X have more than Y ETH in their account?
  • What is the average holding period for people with token X?

We quickly realized, there could be an entire product to help build a data and analytics platform on top of the Ethereum blockchain

What it does

Ethereum Insight helps users answers simple questions about user behavior of ERC20 token holders using a simple structured API interface.

As of now, for the top 20 ETH ERC20 tokens (by market cap) we can quickly filter all token Holders by:

  • token balance
  • date of first transaction
  • date of last transaction
  • number of transactions

More concisely, we can help drive insight such as:

  • Who are the biggest token holders?
  • How many new people have bought the token in the last 20 days.

How we built it

  • Used Node.js and Web3.js
  • Postgres + Redis

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our product is extremely modular, allowing us to:
    • Extend to any token type in the future (e.g., ERC721)
    • Adapt it to non-public chains (i.e., white label)

What we learned

What's next for Ethereum Insight

  • Expanding the query language
  • Expanding token contracts compatibility
  • Classifying token holders using ML

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